Workshop on Micro Econometrics: Theory and Applications

Workshop on Micro Econometrics: Theory and Applications Program

March 12, 2016 (Saturday)

N303 Economics Building, Xiamen University


9:00 am – 9:10 am   Opening Ceremony


Morning Session

Chair: Ying Fang (WISE and SOE, Xiamen University)  


9:10 am – 9:55 am


Keynote Speaker: James J. Heckman (University of Chicago)


9:55 am –10:25 am

Bayesian Analysis for Nonparametric Regime Shift Models

Yingxing Li (WISE, Xiamen University)


10:25 am –10:55 am

Coffee Break


10:55 am –11:25 am

Estimating a Dynamic Discrete Choice Model with Partial Observability for Household Mortgage Default and Prepayment Behaviors

Chao Ma (WISE and SOE, Xiamen University)


11:25 am –11:55 am

A New Class of Tests for Overidentifying Restrictions in Moment Conditions Models

Xuexin Wang (WISE, Xiamen University)


11:55am –12:25 pm

The Law of One Price: New Evidence from China (1997-2012)

Jianan Li (SOE, Xiamen University)


12:30pm –2:00 pm



Afternoon Session

Chair: Haiqiang Chen (WISE and SOE, Xiamen University)


2:00pm –2:45 pm  

Panel Models with Interactive Effects

Keynote Speaker: Cheng Hsiao (University of Southern California)


2:45pm –3:15 pm

Interbank Intermediation

Marcel Bluhm (WISE, Xiamen University)


3:15pm –3:45 pm

Empirical Micro econometrics Research Using NAIVE: A STATA Demonstration

Qingliang Fan (WISE, Xiamen University)


3:45pm –4:15 pm

Coffee Break   


4:15pm –4:45 pm

Does Regional Competition Promote Growth in China?: An Empirical Study of Financial Access

Xiaoyi Han (WISE, Xiamen University)


4:45pm –5:15 pm

Memories of Colonial Law: The Inheritance of Human Capital and the Location of Joint Ventures in Early Reform China

Cheryl Long (WISE and SOE, Xiamen University)


5:15pm –5:45 pm

Hedonic Prices, Taxation, and Imperfect Competition

Kent Zhao (WISE, Xiamen University)