The Value of Pollution Information: Evidence from China’s Air Quality Disclosure

主讲人: 李善军

李善军本科毕业于南开大学国际经济系,2007年在美国杜克大学取得经济学博士学位。现为康奈尔大学商学院肯尼斯·罗宾逊讲席教授,康奈尔大学中国经济研究所主任,和美国国民经济研究局(NBER) 研究员。同时担任环境与能源领域的著名智库未来资源研究所 (RFF) 的客座研究员。研究领域包括环境与能源经济学,产业组织和中国经济问题,担任环境与资源经济学领域国际顶级期刊 Journal of The Associationof Environmental and Resource Economists 的共同主编, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Urban Economics, China Economic Review 的编委会成员。

主持人: 李智

We study the 2013 sea change in pollution information availability when China rolled out a national pollution monitoring network in three waves to disclose real-time air quality in more than 300 cities. We document a surge in media mention as well as citizens’ interest in pollution topics. We then show how short- and long-run avoidance behavior change with better information. First, we use detailed point-of-sale (POS) credit and debit card transaction data to show that high outdoor pollution suppresses daily purchase trips, much more so when the public gained access to information. Second, the spatial variation in pollution levels either across cities or across communities within a city is better reflected in housing prices post disclosure. Finally, we use national disease surveillance data to show that the correspondence between air pollution exposure and mortality rate weakens post disclosure. The estimates from our analysis suggest that the information program has reduced premature deaths attributable to air pollution exposure by nearly 9%.

时间: 2019-03-05(Tuesday)16:40-18:10
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